I was just laying on my bed headphone on and chilling basically. It was the day after I got into Lagos, Nigeria after my brief graduation trip to London, England. Yes thank you, the graduation was a success and my parents were really proud.

As a fresh graduate, all I could think of was getting a job and gaining complete independence. Unfortunately, things did not turn out that way. Noooo don’t stop reading this is not another sob story. So my 20 year old self wants to conquer the media industry, the Nigerian media industry to be exact because home is where the heart is (cliche) lol.

I had my plan all set out wanting to be a presenter, OAP, guest columnist for a magazine or blog and so on but it has been tough. I’ve gone for auditions, sent in videos, CVs, letters. I was thinking of all these on my bed when it dawned on me that if the people/organisations I feel will boost me aren’t ready for me, I have the power to start boosting myself by blogging.

I created this blog to reach you, the millennial reading this. In all I do, I know my target is people like me, the young generation because everything i say, do or type is relatable. So this blog is an open space where I’ll talk about everything that affects the millennial; millennial lifestyle, family, relationships, friendships, fashion, entertainment and so much more. You all can comment, argue, disagree, add value or even remove value. Just know it is a free place for us millennials to be able to express ourselves.

A millennial is someone born between the early 1980s to the late 1990s. If you’re within this range then this is the place for you. I’ll be posting twice a week so stay tuned. I understand that we cannot wait for the older ones to bring out our generation to the world. We have to bring ourselves out and this is where it all begins.



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